The Quiet Letter invites you to send submissions touching the very core of modern day problems inherently tied to education for a special edition to be published in October 2018:

Inclusivity, Exclusivity, Curriculum Gaze, and True Diversity

Focus on education and its meaning, critique universities and their policies of inclusivity (national, international, global) by opening their institutional framework and how they function in the capital market, write about experiences of discrimination in such learning spaces in the form of essays, stories, poems which are naked and speak within the normal language relativity of immediate place. We want to read narratives that cut through the silences and speak up bluntly, opening problems of discourses and participation, merit and system of universities.  Submissions from teachers as well as students are welcome.

Indian Writers, note the highlighted issues: open caste based reservation problems, merit system and problems for marginal people, economic based support as an alternative to current positive reservation system, curriculum gaze and features, discrimination based on caste, class in universities, counseling support and its (non)functioning, financial support system or lack of it, knowledge culture and closed clubs of learning, research and plagiarism, faculties and caste, low teaching position and limited growth, student participation and knowledge barriers in relation to language of learning (English), staff culture and office culture dynamics, liberal curriculum (CBCS) and environment, political and cultural influences, among other such issues which are tied to university spaces.

Other Writers, note: issues pertaining to liberal curriculum gaze (Is my curriculum white?), international academic discrimination, financial support systems, multi-cultural network of students and teachers, privilege and education bias, racial structures and relations in international universities faced by students and teachers alike, network of low-class international universities and a trap of falling in a desolate dream without receiving proper education.

As a special edition it will be featured as a collective amalgamation of thoughts centered on education and issues tied to it in relation to our contemporary period, drawing local and global gaze on the meaning of education and its reach to people.

Send your work to editorialquietletter@gmail.com with a subject titled as: October Education