April – 0

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Magazine Front Cover : A Day Ahead by Shinji Aratani © 2017



The Quiet Letter starts here as a literary sail. It is a platform built for contemporary voices. It hopes to dwell in possibilities—Emily Dickinson here—for a changing space that can probe into the dreamy layers of living while making a way for real possibilities to happen. It is a journey of stillness among chaos of now.

We are delighted to present you our first issue. The April Edition 0. You can explore it to sense where we could arrive in possibilities.

We are glad to offer our acknowledgement to a person without whom we could not have started out. We were lost and still we are but there is one person who allows us to breathe each day for life. It is because of her we started our imaginary endeavour for umpteen possibilities. She is a woman. She is an unlettered person. She is more than light. We thank her—here—knowing that she would not know a single word that is going out in the world about her right here as you read and dwell about different things. She is the financial supporter of our project and yet knows not what we do. We are also remembering here, our editor-in-chief, who is an inspiration to us with his and her negative possibilities in light.

We leave you here with something:

કંઈક તો જુદું છે એ જિંદગી માં

જ્યાં બે જુદા પંખી વસે સાથે,
કંઈક તો જાદુ છે એ નાટક માં

Thank you for being here. Now off you go!

Editorial Team


short story

How MUCH my life has changed, and yet how unchanged it has remained at bottom! When I think back and recall the time when I was still a member of the canine community, sharing in all its preoccupations, a dog among dogs, I find on closer examination that from the very beginning I sensed some discrepancy, some little maladjustment, causing a slight feeling of discomfort which not even the most decorous public functions could eliminate; more, that sometimes, no, not sometimes, but very often, the mere look of some fellow dog of my own circle that I was fond of, the mere look of him, as if I had just caught it for the first time, would fill me with helpless embarrassment and fear, even with despair…read now

Investigations of a Dog by Franz Kafka


essay preface

It ends with love, exchange, fellowship. It ends as it begins, in motion, in between various modes of being and belonging, and on the way to
new economies of giving, taking, being with and for and it ends with a ride in a Buick Skylark on the way to another place altogether….read now

The Wild Beyond: With and for the Undercommons by Jack Halberstam



When I was a little kid, I had a secret that I never told anyone. I was going to become a legend. It was merely a matter of getting in front of the right people, being seen and being heard. When I went to the movies or listened to records by the popular singers of the day, I knew I could do that, given half a chance. It wasn’t until I went off to college that I discovered not everyone wanted to be a movie star, much less of legendary status…read now

Becoming a Legend by Pam Munter


Emily Dickinson


Sofía Ávila

The Sense of Being

Robert Beveridge

An Uncertain Light

Chandramohan S

The Immigrant Experience

O Fim

The Quiet Letter

April Edition 0




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