A Letter To My Son

My dear soulful son,

When someone asks me about death, now, I say I was never scared of it until unless I’m on the verge of losing my heart i.e. you. Yes! My son, I may not be with you telling you stories, singing lullabies to you anymore but I’ll be always there in you and also in that sweetest poem written by your dad to you. Your dad is a wonderful poet, a husband and he would be the best father too I’m sure. He gave me the most precious thing that is you my son. When people will say I’m twinkling among the stars somewhere; you tell them that I’m somewhere sparkling in your eyes.

The fingers have gone a bit weaker now, the one that you once have held to walk. The hairs may not get rolled on to your fingers now as I’ve lost them with gusting wind of grief and sorrow. The desire of embracing you in my arms is just like my last wish now, as I’m spending my most of the time on the chair adorned with the moving wheels instead of standing on my own feet to hold you and hug you tight in my arms. I will miss your mumbled words that I could hear if I lived little longer. I will terribly miss the impressions of your wet kisses on my cheeks. Now these all memories are left on my heart forever. Remember when you spoke “I love you mom.” Don’t miss me for those whispers of “I love you too” but I will keep my voice in your dad’s mouth to reply you back after I depart from you. I am sure you will see your mother hidden inside wraps of love given to you by your father with whom you will share your secrets, your desires and of course your crush my baby. I know he will give you advice the way I would do. Time changes and so does your friends, honey! So think that you’re replacing your friend, from your mom to your dad. Darling, now that I will die, just remember your new journey will start along with my last letter and your dad will be both your mom & dad. I won’t survive the disease called cancer that at first threatened and then is now snatching my life.

My kid, this is for the very first time that I am afraid of my death. With every breath of me, this fear of getting away from you forever is breaking me down. My heart is sinking deeper and deeper in both pain and your love. I may not be with you after you read this letter but my love will always be here between these words. I will be there in our sweet home watching you silently and may be crying too, as I would not be able to touch you and feel you in my loves. I am sorry my son, time is dragging me away from you. Love you my baby boy.

Yours loving mom,
Priya Acharjee

Priya Acharjee
is a young poetess from Asansol, West Bengal, India. She started writing poetry at the very young age. She loves reading books. Apart from writing poetry and reading books, she has immense love for music. She’s a singer. She has done more than two dozen of cover songs. She has performed as the lead singer in various musical programs. In spare time she loves to paint her blank canvas. Her latest publication is with Roney Oenophile in the Ink Drift Magazine.