About Us

The Quiet Letter is a platform dedicated to contemporary literature with a focus on global/glocal voices. It is based in India and operates from a small provincial town. It issues digital magazine (Webizines) and publishes fiction, features, non-fiction, poetry. It also heads an innovative Writing Apprenticeship Program which acts as our community work to provide writers a platform to learn with us.

We believe that prose and verse are qualities of a language that can open windows of ideation, change, and creative healing. We are looking forward to our future endeavours on collaborative and individual platforms to bring forth contemporary narratives that are fluid enough to hold together experimentation and classical form in literature. We look to publish beyond the lens.

If you were thinking about talking to us on entrepreneurial collaboration or you are resourced to provide benefecial developmental inputs then contact us at editorialquietletter@gmail.com. We will work something, out from nothing.

  • If you would like to contact us for any general queries or further information about our vision, you can email us at query@quietletter.com. Do not send us marketing material over here, we apologize for this inconvenience. Otherwise we will be happy to (h)ear you.

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    Thank you for being here.

    The Backroom Team,
    The Quiet Letter.