Verse – Sneha Dewani

Two Poems

Female Genital Mutilation

I was taken to a room with a belief I had in them but that did not stop me from crying and shouting in pain, but that was for my benefit and I so had to accept, but a made up story fed in my mind made me accept the things which weren’t right, but my purity was their motive, so they were ready to risk my life,

but I was unaware of the crime they had done and started hating them when I was mature enough to understand but the pain I bore years ago started to haunt me more, but I was uncomfortable when I got my genital back and happy they were because they were proud, they got purity and I am haunted again, I, a victim of FGM, believed in them, their tales, their hidden holes of hypocrisy,

but I

remained here with my voice, I remained here with letters foaming at my mouth for long to speak.

Everything is an art

From the things you use,
to the dreams you fetch.
The beauty you catch a glimpse of,
and the deeds you do.
Everything is an art.
Some things which are hidden,
and the ones flaunted.
Time, you spend after waking up,
and the dreams you see asleep.
Everything is an art.
The way you grow up,
to live your childhood again.
The failures you suffer,
and the destiny you reach.
Everything is an art.
The tears you shed,
and the smile which makes you shine.
The importance and glory in everything,
which you are unaware of.
Everything is an art.
Negatives you run from,
Positive that you wish.
No matter what you think,
and whatever I say. In
Everything is an art.

Sneha Dewani is a poet from Raipur, India and is pursuing her degree in architecture.


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