Verse – Anushka Pandit

Three Poems


I. The Question Before Arrival

The flowers in my vase may bloom again
the rains may come back
the sun on my window might shine
and so would the stars in the night black
I can hear the tick of the clock
The voices in my head
Yes, I can hear them mock
Having been here for quite long in silences
Is that not enough to bear
Do I have to take more
Some more pain and fear


II. The Mist

Walking through those lanes
feeling the mist in the air
There was something about the trees
How we used to hide in their trunks together
Where no one could watch us
There was something about the chirping of the birds
How we used to put ears to them
There was something about the flowers
How you used to pick them for me
There is something about these thorns
How you used to bend down to ease me
There is something about this sky
with those stars shining bright
How you used to call me the moon
And I would say the moon has spots of all kinds
There is something about these walls
How they used to take us away into another world
There’s something about that house across the fence
Where Mr. Old Uncle used to sit in the balcony scolding us
I walk again through this lane today
The trunks of the trees peep at me
say we’ve been empty for a long time
The birds sing a different song today
The flowers don’t bloom anymore
The thorns stay on the path
pricking my sole and soul
The stars have lost their brightness
the moon actually looks dark with spots
The walls stand there stil and I at once say aloud
the world across is incomplete without you
Mr. Old Uncle still sits on his squeaking wooden chair
We exchange looks, the misery in his eyes and mine is same
We both understand how time has shattered us
how someone close has left us alone
I keep walking with this nostalgia
Trying to hold my broken parts
I’m walking with this nostalgia
The surroundings are crying with me
I’m walking with this nostalgia
With my soul falling apart.
I cry for you. I cry for you.
Can you hear me? Please come back
is all I say and feel lost.


III. The Young Love

All the other men
busy in competition
could not find anyone
who would combine with me as one
Then noticed one along me
saw I he never crossed me
Never had intentions to move ahead
All sense of competition through the way he shed
He was the one I looked for yes
My long search for the happiness door
finally complete and satisfied was I
to him then my life I tied
Now we went together and on
He mended my heart, badly torn
Becoming a part of me
My future with him I see
Maybe I don’t express well
Maybe I don’t know how to tell
But now all that I want to do
is to very tightly hold you
Hold you forever till I die
Forgive me if I am ever shy
You were are and will be mine
I were am and will be yours.


Anushka Pandit is a poet from India.


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